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A500 Server Initial booting H/W check error!!

Occasional Contributor

A500 Server Initial booting H/W check error!!


I installed A500 Server a three weeks ago our clinet site.
At first, This Server work well no problem, but suddenly at processing booting occur falut.
After I power on the system, the system proceess selftest to check status of H/W(CPU,Memory,I/O etc).
while check the H/W status, booting has stop.
Then GSP mode enter.
The console display the error message.
A error message same as:
Source detail 9=serial
Source Id=0
problem detail:3
ALERT LEVEL:6=Boot Possible, Pending Failure,-action required.

Sometimes next message display.
processor unspecified 1000

So I doubt the main board, I replace the main board.
The result is same.
In this case, what parts replace the system?
what method the system find the error?
Personally, I doubt I/O board. correct or not?
As expert, Tell me your opinion.
thank you.
Occasional Advisor

Re: A500 Server Initial booting H/W check error!!

If you are able to boot the machine.. check the ioscan and find out whether there are anything missing.. you can also use STM /usr/bin/stm and check for the log files.. you can do check for the specific component for any problems.

Hope this helps..