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Addon cpu(s) on a "SERIES e3000/N4000-200-44"

Clarence Lee
Regular Advisor

Addon cpu(s) on a "SERIES e3000/N4000-200-44"

We planning to addon two cpu(s) on the system
"SERIES e3000/N4000-200-44".
By doing so, what's will be the impact?
1) would the hpsusan code being change ?
2) what's would be the value of the hpcpuname ?
3) will the hpcpuname variable being auto update or need to use a certain tool to perform a update ?, who can perform this task?
4) Any implication to third parties software?
eg software like (vesoft,adager,unispool ..etc)

Yours valuable advise please.

Kwan Fong, Emile
Honored Contributor

Re: Addon cpu(s) on a "SERIES e3000/N4000-200-44"

Hello Clarence,

1) HPSUSAN won't change
2) NEW HPCPUNAME = "SERIES e3000/N4000-400-44"
3) HP customer engineer onsite to change the model string using SS_CONFIG tool
4) Most of third parties softwares validate against HPSUSAN and/or HPCPUNAME. Give them a call.
King is the customer!
Yosef Rosenblatt_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: Addon cpu(s) on a "SERIES e3000/N4000-200-44"

Mr. Lee,
You asked, "Any implication to third parties software? eg software like(vesoft,adager,unispool ..etc)"
You need to consider what tier your server now falls into. The dreaded spectre of "Tier Level Pricing" (also known as tierany) may rear its ugly head. The same software you use today will work just as well but it may cost you more. Not all vendors use "Tier Level Pricing" so it depends on your software. (VeSoft and Adager did not used be tier based but its been some time since I upgraded a server.)
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Chuck Ciesinski
Honored Contributor

Re: Addon cpu(s) on a "SERIES e3000/N4000-200-44"


A number of third party software vendors key on the cpu name. You'll probably need to contact each vendor and get new licensing keys. Most products will allow for the conversion by running as a 'DEMO' version while you get the information. I strongly suggest you get all your vendors on board ahead of time so operating codes can be sent.

In addition, you also now need to ask yourself about your Disaster Recovery environment. Will what you used to have suffice? This is a hard question many 3000 users ask all the time. From my experience, the answer is probably not.


Chuck Ciesinski
"Show me the $$$$$"
Bob Sigworth
Occasional Visitor

Re: Addon cpu(s) on a "SERIES e3000/N4000-200-44"

If you have not done your upgrade yet. I have two A6176A 440 MHz CPU fro e3000 N4000 for $6,000 each.

FYI- I have upgrade kits and e3000 N4000 servers in stock