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Blinking power yellow lite on hp9000 rp3440

Peter Ko_2
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Blinking power yellow lite on hp9000 rp3440

I have the syslog message as follows:
Apr 1 06:52:16 dfpsov EMS [1993]: ------ EMS Event Notification ------ Value: "SERIOUS (4)" for Resource: "/storage/events/disks/default/0_1_1_0.1.0" (Threshold: >= " 3") Execute the following command to obtain event details: /opt/resmon/bin/resdata -R 130613255 -r /storage/events/disks/default/0_1_1_0.1.0 -a


# /opt/resmon/bin/resdata -R 130613255 -r /storage/events/disks/default/0_1_1_0.1.0 -a


Event Time..........: Fri Apr 1 06:52:16 2011
Severity............: SERIOUS
Monitor.............: disk_em
Event #.............: 100172
System..............: dfpsov

Disk at hardware path 0/1/1/0.1.0 : Device connectivity or hardware

Description of Error:

The device was not ready to process requests, but the cause is not


Can someone give suggestions on how to deal with this? I am thinking to reboot the system, it may clear the blinking lite. May be nothing wrong with this. The system openview is running ok w/o problem. Just like to see if anyone has similar experience. Thanks,
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Re: Blinking power yellow lite on hp9000 rp3440

should give a bit more information than you posted. There is a problem with this disk.

Reading the MP logs will clear the attention LED.

Hope this helps!

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