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Connecting a HP-PB-SCSI 2 Hostadapter (28696A)

Saban Soeguet
Occasional Contributor

Connecting a HP-PB-SCSI 2 Hostadapter (28696A)


I wanted to connect a HP-PB-SCSI 2 Hostadapter (28696A)to the HP9000-K220, OS: HP-UX 11.0. to connect 3 additional Harddisks, but with the tool "ioscan" I can't see the new Harddisks. In the documantation of SCSI Hostadapter was written, that the OS are configurate it automaticly if you connect the HW (plug & play)

I am very happy if I get response about my problem

Thanks before
Patrick Wessel
Honored Contributor

Re: Connecting a HP-PB-SCSI 2 Hostadapter (28696A)

If this is the first 2869A you installed into the box, you have to ensure that the disk3, scsi3 and the target driver is installed. You don't need them on HSC bus interfaces
There is no good troubleshooting with bad data