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Console and the rp2470

Trusted Contributor

Console and the rp2470

I have connected through a SUV cable to my laptop to connect to the console.And then I start the hypertermal and unable to connect to it either using com2/com3/telnet.

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Console and the rp2470


You might be able to connect a null modem cable to your windows based laptop and use hyperterminal to gain console control of your system.

The system has a lan console as well which is a better option

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Trusted Contributor

Re: Console and the rp2470

Hi Steven,

How do i connect to the lan console...
and which cable should I use for that

I do not have the IP address of the GSP Card...
IS there a way to get the GSP IP from the OS logs...

Thanks in advance
Trusted Contributor

Re: Console and the rp2470

i telnet to it and the session gets disconnected after every 10 minutes
Court Campbell
Honored Contributor

Re: Console and the rp2470

if you are connecting to the MP via the console, you might have to use something other than the hyperterminal. I have a few machines where hyperterminal doesn't work. I ended up using tera term.
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Trusted Contributor

Re: Console and the rp2470

That gives me a clue...

But when I connect to the server remotly... the session gets disconnected every 10 minutes and I will have to reboot the server.

looks like some time out issues...
Trusted Contributor

Re: Console and the rp2470

Actually I noticed the pins of the A5191-63001 cable were bent...

replacing it resolved the Issue

Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Console and the rp2470

"the session gets disconnected every 10 minutes and I will have to reboot the server.

regarding the disconnect:
(taken from a similar system, not the same)

HE li

==== GSP Help ============================================(Administrator)===
AC : Alert display Configuration MS : Modem Status
AR : Automatic System Restart config. PC : Remote Power Control
CA : Configure asynch/serial ports PG : PaGing parameter setup
CL : Console Log- view console history PS : Power management module Status
CG : Certificate Generator RS : Reset System through RST signal
CO : COnsole- return to console mode SDM : Set Display Mode (hex or text)
CSP : Connect to remote Service Proc. SE : SEssion- log into the system
DC : Default Configuration SL : Show Logs (chassis code buffer)
DI : DIsconnect remote or LAN console SNMP: Set SNMP state & community string
EL : Enable/disable LAN/WEB access SO : Security options & access control
ER : Enable/disable Remote/modem SS : System Status of proc. modules
EX : Exit GSP and disconnect TC : Reset via Transfer of Control
HE : Display HElp for menu or command TE : TEll- send a msg. to other users
IT : Inactivity Timeout settings VFP : Virtual Front Panel display
LC : LAN configuration WHO : Display connected GSP users
LS : LAN Status XD : Diagnostics and/or Reset of GSP
MR : Modem Reset XU : Upgrade the GSP Firmware

Note this:

IT : Inactivity Timeout settings

But you never need to reboot the server for this!

Hope this helps!

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