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DDS4 on rp7410 and 8420

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derek b smith_1
Regular Advisor

DDS4 on rp7410 and 8420

Simple question that I cannot remember:
Does the OS have to be shutdown when installing?

The rp8420 – replace DDS with DDS4 – internal
The (2) rp7410’s – replace DDS-3’s with DDS-4’s – They are in C4318B SMART Enclosure
The npars – External Enclosure with (2) DDS-4’s.
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: DDS4 on rp7410 and 8420


These parts are not hot swappable.

If the tape drives are in an external enclosure, however, all you really need to do is power down the enclosure. However if you have disks in the same enclosure you may need downtime.

If you have however never had a DDS-4 tape drive installed, you need to compile a new kernel and boot, which requires a shut down.

I will say this, I'd warn my user community and find it a lot easier to get the work done during a short downtime window.

Steven E Protter
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derek b smith_1
Regular Advisor

Re: DDS4 on rp7410 and 8420