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HP 9000 and HP e3000 Servers
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Disable ftp on gsp

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Valued Contributor

Disable ftp on gsp

Hi guy,
i have a problem.
What is the procedure or command to disable ftp on my GSP console?
Help me
Many point at all good response...
Deepak Kr
Respected Contributor

Re: Disable ftp on gsp


disable ftp on my GSP console?

Are you asking for disabling ftp on hp box ?

Put more details here!!
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Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Disable ftp on gsp


Top help the model number of the system from the model command would be needed.

log into the console.


This takes you into GSP mode. Options for configuration are there.

I don't recall seeing an ftp server option for GSP cards.

I just ran a port scan on the console for an A500 server and did find ftp enabled. There should be an option to disable it in the menu you see after following the procedure above.

HE brings up a help menu
LI brings up a command list.

Lets say the IP address of the GSP is

From a linux machine, nmap

This will show you if ftp is even listening on your GSP card.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Valued Contributor

Re: Disable ftp on gsp

Yes, i want disable ftp on gsp box.
I use a GSP for log in a cosole of server.
Prashanth Waugh
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Disable ftp on gsp

Hi ,

Pls provide the more details as per dipak suggestion .the way for disabling ftp is
put the entry in #/var/adm/inetd.sec .It will be more clear after giving details.

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Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Disable ftp on gsp

AFAIK the GSP is only able to work as a FTP client for firmware updates, it cannot serve FTP connections ...

Hope this helps!

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Deepak Kr
Respected Contributor

Re: Disable ftp on gsp

Yes, true

FTP service is used as ftp client in GSP:

see some excerpt from gsp guide:

The upgrade is performed using ftp over the GSP LAN, which must therefore be operational. The user must enter the ftp server IP address, login, password, and the directory in which the upgrade files reside. If an upgrade is required, contact your HP Representitive to get the location and logon to the server where the upgrade files reside.

When the command is initiated, the LAN and modem connections will be dropped. The XU command can only be run from the local port. If the upgrade is successful, the GSP will reboot and come up using the new software
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Trusted Contributor

Re: Disable ftp on gsp

File tranfer is not possible from GSP.
Except for firmware upgradation. So there is no point in disabling ftp on the GSP.
Gsp is made for system maitenance/administration purpose.
R u able to do ftp from ur gsp......??!!!
Then y do u want to disable again....?

Valued Contributor

Re: Disable ftp on gsp