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HP 9000 and HP e3000 Servers
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FTP from PC to HP3000

Occasional Contributor

FTP from PC to HP3000

I am FTPing an ascii file from a Pc to the HP3000. when:

ftp> put testq.txt;rec=-56,,f,ascii;disc=4800
200 PORT command ok.
150 File:;rec=-56,,f,ascii;disc=4800 opened; data connection will be o
226 Transfer complete.

File transfers fine. But when

ftp> put npay528.txt npayqq;rec=-350,,f,ascii;disc=1200
200 PORT command ok.
150 File: npayqq;rec=-350,,f,ascii;disc=1200 opened; data connection will be ope
226 Transfer complete. Some records were truncated during transfer.

I only get one record on the HP3000. I think the size of the record is a factor. Any suggestions for solutions.

Abe Goldwasser

Re: FTP from PC to HP3000

Hi Abe,

your ftp obviosly started properly and only complianed of some records that were truncated.

check the destination folder and disk for space availability.

Ftp does not neccesarily truncate due to size of the file.
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