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GSP Commands - N Class Server

Simon Wootton
Occasional Contributor

GSP Commands - N Class Server

Can anyone provide me with a list of commands available within GSP on the
N-Class, or point me in the right direction ?
Marcio Duarte_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: GSP Commands - N Class Server

GSP> he

Hardware Revision X Firmware Revision A.XX.XX July 16 1999, 17:19:31

AC: Alert delay configuration
PC: Remote power control
AR: Config. automatic system restart
PS: Power management module status
CA: Confiure serial port parameters
RP: Rest password configuration
CE: Log repair info in history buffer
RS: System reset through RST signal
CO: Return to console mode
SE: Activate a system session
DC: Default configuration
SL: Display SPU status log
DI: Disconnect remote or LAN console
SO: Security options & access control
DR: Disable remote or LAN console
SS: System Processor status
ER: Enable remote or LAN console
TC: System reset through INIT signal
HE: Display the available commands
TE: Send a message to other terminals
IT: Modify GSP inactivity timeouts
VFP: Activates alert log display
LC: Configure LAN console
WHO: Display a list of GSP connected users
LS: Display LAN console status
XD: GSP diagnostics and reset
MR: Modem reset
XU: Upgrade the GSP firmware

Where: X is the current hardware revision, and A.XX.XX is the current firmware