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GSP Logic Card Replacement

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Ashish Mukherjee
Occasional Contributor

GSP Logic Card Replacement

We are having rp-5450 server ,in this server GSP logic board - Rev B(P.No.-A6144-60012) is faulty and server is not getting power on.

Can we replace our card with GSP logic board - Rev A (P. No.-A5191-60012)
Honored Contributor

Re: GSP Logic Card Replacement

For a rp5450, yes you can.

However, when starting up the server for the first time after GSP revision "downgrade", stop the boot to the PDC prompt, use the "PA" command to list the system paths and check the system console path.

For a Rev. B GSP, the console path should be 0/0/4/1.0.
When installing a Rev. A GSP, it should be changed to 0/0/4/0.0.

If the PDC firmware of your system is up to date, the firmware might detect the change and automatically update this value. Check it anyway, and change it if the value is not correct for the installed GSP revision.

If you use the "Remote" and/or "UPS" ports for applications, you may have to reconfigure the device entries for those ports. (By default, those device entries don't exist. They can be created or removed using the "Terminals and Modems" category of SAM.)

Kranti Mahmud
Honored Contributor

Re: GSP Logic Card Replacement

Hi Ashish,

Check the below link:

Dont look BACK as U will miss something INFRONT!
Ashish Mukherjee
Occasional Contributor

Re: GSP Logic Card Replacement

We have recd one refurb HP-L class server with GSP Logic Board - P.No.-A5191-60012 -- Rev. A GSP

We have Replaced GSP Logic Board - P.No.-A5191-60012 GSP Rev. A Logic board in the server.
Now Server is getting Power On and GSP Prompt available.
During Boot process server is giving errors and showing Attention & Fault LED on the Front Panel.
We have changed Console Path: 0/0/4/0.0 for Rev. A GSP
Now Server booted properly.