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Kishore Anand
Occasional Advisor


Hi all,
I have a list of some HP9000 servers, I want to know which ones have GSP and which ones have MP?
Here is the list:
1. D-class ?
2. R-class ?
3. K-class ?
4. A180 Web Console
5. A400/500 rp24x0
a. rp2400 ?
b. rp2405 ?
c. rp2430 ?
d. rp2450 ?
e. rp2470 ?
6. rp34x0
a. rp3410 ?
b. rp3440 ?
7. rp44x0
a. rp4410 ?
b. rp4440 ?
8. rp54x0
a. rp5400 (L1000) ?
b. rp5405 (L-class) ?
c. rp5430 (L1500) ?
d. rp5450 (L2000) ?
e. rp5470 (L3000) ?
9. rp74x0
a. rp7400 (N-class) ?
b. rp7440 ?
c. rp7405 ?
d. rp7410 ?
e. rp7420 ?
10. rp84x0
a. rp8400 ?
b. rp8420 ?
c. rp8440 ?


Re: GSP or MP

Server model MP/GSP
1. D-class NA
2. R-class NA
3. K-class NA
4. A180 Web Console NA

5. A400/500 rp24x0
a. rp2400 GSP
b. rp2405 GSP
c. rp2430 GSP
d. rp2450 GSP
e. rp2470 GSP

6. rp34x0
a. rp3410 MP
b. rp3440 MP

7. rp44x0
a. rp4410 MP
b. rp4440 MP

8. rp54x0
a. rp5400 (L1000) GSP
b. rp5405 (L-class) GSP
c. rp5430 (L1500) GSP
d. rp5450 (L2000) GSP
e. rp5470 (L3000) GSP

9. rp74x0
a. rp7400 (N-class) GSP
b. rp7440 MP
c. rp7405 MP
d. rp7410 MP
e. rp7420 MP

10. rp84x0
a. rp8400 MP
b. rp8420 MP
c. rp8440 MP
I work for HPE

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Kishore Anand
Occasional Advisor

Re: GSP or MP