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HP 9000 and HP e3000 Servers
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HP 3000 windows client

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Jesse Dougherty
Honored Contributor

HP 3000 windows client

Can anyone recommend any HP terminal servers or windows client for the 3000 servers, old or new technology. We will be connecting them through a DTC.

Cypress Technology Inc
Ian Warner
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP 3000 windows client

Try MS92 from Minisoft, Reflection series from WRQ or (free) Qcterm from Aics. All these can go through a DTC or be networked in.

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Vicente Sanchez_3
Respected Contributor

Re: HP 3000 windows client


We use Reflection for HP and goes fine.

Regards, Vicente.
Chuck Ciesinski
Honored Contributor

Re: HP 3000 windows client


At HNS, we utilize WRQ's Network
Reflections for Windows. Works well. QTCTerm also works great and the price is right...


Chuck Ciesinski
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Wim Korten

Re: HP 3000 windows client


Some years ago we switched from Reflection to MiniSoft's MS92 because of the huge price difference. Since about a year because of our companies policy we switched to Attachmate's Kea!700/98.

In my opinion MS92 gives the best value for money.

The choice is yours..

Wim Korten.
Limited by Technology
John Meissner
Esteemed Contributor

Re: HP 3000 windows client

we use Reflections software to connect to the HP3000 from windows
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Re: HP 3000 windows client

I use Minisoft software too sine many year and with all Windows Version : no problem
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