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HP L class server not able to take a console

Baskar Natarajan
Occasional Contributor

HP L class server not able to take a console

Hi ,
This is Veera , We have HP L Class(2000) server for R&D purpose,we do not have IP details for the servers so i am trying to take console using DB25-DB9 cable on GSP Port but could not able to take a console using hyper terminal tool on windows client.The LED Status is Run:Green-Glowing ,Attn: Amber - Glowing Fault: RED-Glowing,guys any solutions....?
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Re: HP L class server not able to take a console

The L Class has a DB25 port, but actually uses an adapter cable to adapt to 3 DB9 cables (console, UPS, and remote(modem)). This may be required to get a solid console connection.

However, I have been successful in connecting with out this adapter. Be sure your cable is null-modem.

Lastly, try resetting the GSP. Open the side cover and push the reset button found on the board.

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Re: HP L class server not able to take a console

The LEDs of that L2000 system are indicating a hardware fault condition. A red Fault led + anything else = bad news.

The amber Attn LED should only be off or blinking, never continuously glowing.

If the server's been moved recently, my first recommendation would be to disconnect all power cables, then look inside and verify that all cards and other pluggable internal components are fully seated.

When connecting power to the server or resetting the GSP, you should see one or two LEDs light up in the rear panel next to the console connector, in the 2nd card slot from the bottom. If they stay red, the GSP has failed its self-test.

If they are red for a short while but then turn green, the GSP is resetting itself and might be working. In that case, try sending a Control-B keystroke through the Hyperterminal: the GSP should always answer to Control-B even if the OS or the rest of the server is down.


Re: HP L class server not able to take a console

Hi Baskar,

Please connect the W cable (UPS,Remote and console)25pin end to System use 9Pin Console end to the Serial terminal or hyper terminal in windows.

LED status:
Attn: Amber
Fault: RED

The system is critical fault- Booting is not proceeded or Boot is pending.
Please login to Local console and CTRL+B will l give access to GSP to see the error.

I work for HPE

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