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HP RP 2470 Server Disk Capacity Upgradation

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HP RP 2470 Server Disk Capacity Upgradation

Dear all

I am having HP 2470 Server with 2x73 GB HDD. Now disk usage is almost full and i need to increase the Disk Capacity.This Server is having only 2 HDD slots and it is already filled. My Query is If remove one 73 GB HDD and put 146/300 GB HDD will it work properly / is it supportable in this HP RP 2470 Server.
Is there any alternate solution for this issue.

Thanks in Advance

Regards / Anish
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Re: HP RP 2470 Server Disk Capacity Upgradation

The internal disk slots are LVD SCSI. Using compatible 146GB disks should work fine.

I would be more concerned as to why your root disks are filling up. Its always advised to keep data locations outside of VG00 so that issues such as this are more easily resolved.


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Dennis Handly
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Re: HP RP 2470 Server Disk Capacity Upgradation

Does this system also have any external storage?

Re: HP RP 2470 Server Disk Capacity Upgradation

Hi Anishmohan,

Please check the following Links:

Max Hard Disk capacity supported in rp2470:-


HP9000 rp24xx Server Overview:


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