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HP3000 922LX startup/boot question

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Linda Peightal
Occasional Contributor

HP3000 922LX startup/boot question

Hello, I have an HP3000 922lx that's been powered off for ages. I've never touched one of these and need to know how to bring it up. It has a key switch on the front panel with postions 1,2 and 3 - I've tried all 3 but it keeps halting with a CE02. Any help appreciated - thanks in advance.
Chuck Ciesinski
Honored Contributor

Re: HP3000 922LX startup/boot question


I do not recognize that error
code. IMHO, you should also try posting your question to the wonderful group of HP3000
aficionados at HP3000-L@raven.utc.edu

My $.04 fo inflation,

Chuck Ciesinski
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Denis St-Amand
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP3000 922LX startup/boot question

Not 100% sure but CE02 may mean something like "can not communicate with console". Make sure terminal console is correctly connected, baud rate set at 9600, xon/xoff and an asterisk (*) shows in "REMOTE MODE"

Hope this help !
Kwan Fong, Emile
Honored Contributor

Re: HP3000 922LX startup/boot question

The e3000 serie 922LX server is a hybrid system and can support Precision Bus cards and CIO cards.

The Keyswitch position meaning is:

0 - DC Power OFF
1 - DC Power ON and Control-B enabled
2 - DC Power ON and Control-B disabled
3 - DC Power ON and TOC reset

CE02 could mean bad console, wrong console terminal config, autoboot on, bad cable, etc.

Please check the following:

1) Console terminal configuration: make sure baud rate is set to 9600, RecvPace and XmitPace set to Xon/Xoff, Parity=None.

2) Console function key labels: Only "REMOTE MODE" should have an "*" (asterisk).

3) Make sure console terminal cable connected to the server unit is not loose.

4) Turn KeySwitch to "0", wait for 60 seconds, turn it to "1" and let it go; it should come back with the prompt "Enter boot (command) path?"; you then type in the path value corresponding to the primary boot path that is displayed. Next you are prompted to "interact with IPL (Y/N)?", enter Y and you'll be at the ISL> prompt.

5) At the ISL>prompt, enter "AUTOBOOT OFF".

6) Finally, restart the system by typing "start norecovery" at the ISL> prompt.
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