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HP 9000 and HP e3000 Servers
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HP3000 Predictive Reports "Write Fault on Physical Device"

Bill Sinclair
Occasional Visitor

HP3000 Predictive Reports "Write Fault on Physical Device"

I have encountered the Predictive message:
"INFORMATIONAL [RC] - 11.05AM - 13/10/00
PDev 56/40.6.0

I would like to know the criticality/possible reasons behind this fault & whether immediate replacement of the device is recommended.
paul courry
Honored Contributor

Re: HP3000 Predictive Reports "Write Fault on Physical Device"

Since you have predictive running I'll assume you have HP hardware support, you should give them a call.

From the message:
The problem is with the drive at 56/40.6.0 which I suspect is your boot drive. It is a 2Gb Seagate drive. If you want to look at the error message as reported by the drive go into SYSDIAG with SM capability then LOGTOOL then issue the command


where from/to is the range of log files you wish to look at (just use the 4 digit numbers at the end of the log file name, use LISTF LOG####.PUB.SYS,2 to get the names).

After this has run, fire up your favorite text editor and text in FUBAR.DIAG.SYS. (Until 6.5 all output from LIST was put in DIAG.SYS)

Then look for the problem child.

Now for the short answer....

Do an SLT NOW! (If it *is* your boot drive) Do a backup of the volume set that contains that drive NOW! At least you will be protected if smoke starts pouring out of the drive. Call HP if you have support. Take a look at the log file per the above instructions. Stroke that long beard they issued you when you became a system manager (should be next to the wizards hat and wand). Then decide if you have money in the budget and/or can afford the time to fix it now.