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Hard Drive problem on rp8420 with SEU

Dane Van Steenwyk
Frequent Advisor

Hard Drive problem on rp8420 with SEU

Hello all,

I have an rp8420 with and SEU attached to it and it is fully loaded with CPU's, memory, HD's, Core I/O's and I/O cards. I am running 3 hard partitions. One with cell 0 and 1, one with cell 2 and one with cell 3.

The problem is that no matter what I do, on the second partition, the drive in the upper right hand corner in the SEU will not initialize. The one in the left slot shows up every time as well as the DVD.

I can even switch it with the drive in the upper left slot, and then that drive will not initialize so a bad drive is not the problem.

It seems that in the BCH menu when I do a search, it hits that drive and then the light comes on solid green. If I pull it out, it is not even spinning...?

I have replaced the media backplane, all the SCSI cables and even a Core I/O and the Core I/O backplane and I am still having the same issues.

Any ideas? Or am I missing something?
Dane Van Steenwyk
Frequent Advisor

Re: Hard Drive problem on rp8420 with SEU

The problem was solved by replacing the Master Core I/O board in the SEU even though there were no errors and it seemed to be functioning normally.