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L2000 (rp5450) A.01.12.tar.gz

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Matthew Murdock
Frequent Advisor

L2000 (rp5450) A.01.12.tar.gz

Where can i find the firmware for the server? I know on HP Support web site there is a Patch for 11.00 and 11.11, but nothing for 11.23. The Patch is for PDC 44.28, but the PDC on the L2000/rp5450 is a.01.09. So it will not work. OF course the ftp.itrc.hp.com site has no patches for firmware anymore.
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Re: L2000 (rp5450) A.01.12.tar.gz

If you're looking for the A6696A GSP Firmware, then see this thread and it is posted in an attachment from Robert-Jan Goossens:


This is only the GSP Firmware and NOT the PDC (system) firmware.

There are TWO GSP Models A6696A & A6696B and they use different firmware, so make sure you have the right files.

The latest rp5450 PDC for 11.x is here:


Matthew Murdock
Frequent Advisor

Re: L2000 (rp5450) A.01.12.tar.gz

Thank you soo much for the gossen link. Did verify the PDC was 44.28 already.