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Memory hardware error(HPMC detected)

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Memory hardware error(HPMC detected)

I tried to boot up a A500 HPUX system. The initial Hardware checking gives this error. This doesnot seem to be a fatal error because if I acknowledge this error, the hardware test continues and boots up fine. After booting up, I ran the STM and ran the exercise tool on memory to figure out what is wrong. The tool completed successfully with out any errors. I tired to change my memory Modules with another set of memory modules I have. I still get the same error. Can any one out there please email me what this error means? Thanks in advance for your help.
Here is the error:
memory error handler 0AC3 [Failed with Alert Level = 7]
Chassis Code Encoded Field = 0x7000077070ffac34
Alert Level = 7 (HPMC detected.)
Source FRU = 7 (memory)
Source FRU Detail = 0 (unknown, no source stated)
Source ID = 255 (platform dependent)
Event Detail = 0 (unknown, no source stated)
Caller Activity = 10 (error handler)
Caller Subactivity = 195 (implementation dependent)
Activity Status = 4 (implementation dependent)
Reporting Entity Type = 0 (system firmware)
Reporting Entity ID = 0
Data Type = 14 (problem detail)
Message ID = 7
Chassis Code Data Field = 0xc380800000000000

Con O'Kelly
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Re: Memory hardware error(HPMC detected)


Can't offer much advice except to point you towards the rp24xx (new name for A400/A500) hardware manual.

This has a section on troubleshooting the server (Chp8), chassis codes etc

I've also attached an old A-Class User Guide which has some info on HPMC errors.
Hopefully you might find something in there that can help.

The Chasis codes are difficult to decode & I'd be inclined to log a call with HP. Even though you can identify its a memory problem, it may be related to the controller on the system board rather than the DIMMs themselves, hence changing the DIMMS will still give you errors.

Tim Adamson_1
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Re: Memory hardware error(HPMC detected)

Hi Srinivas,

You haven't mentioned the PDC version but I think the problem will be the same.

If the error is EXACTLY the same after you replaced the memory or at least swapped them around, then I would suspect you may have a faulty system board.

Otherwise, you have still recorded an HPMC which is pointing at hardware. I would log a call and have HP check it out.

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Dave La Mar
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Re: Memory hardware error(HPMC detected)

Srinivas -
Unlike LowPriorityMachineChecks, this needs immediate attention. A call to HP support would definitely be inorder.

Best of luck.


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Re: Memory hardware error(HPMC detected)

HPMC detected instruct for a potential hardware or hardware-concerned problem.
Send the /var/tombstones/ts99 to HP, an request an analysis .