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Minimum PDC versions / OS patch bundles for RP7420/8420

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Ian Dennison_1
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Minimum PDC versions / OS patch bundles for RP7420/8420

Am trying to find a document that lists the minimum supported version of PDC for an RP8420 and RP7420. Our servers are only around for another year at most, so don't want to make un--necessary upgrades.

Also, what is the minimum supported OS patch level on 11i1?

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Re: Minimum PDC versions / OS patch bundles for RP7420/8420

The abolutely minimum would be the initial release, because hp-ux 11.11 is the lowest version that runs on these servers.

However, some HBAs and some software may require higher versions.

So depending on what version is installed you may consider an upgrade anyway...

If you read about all the possible problems fixed in newer versions, you may wish to upgrade ...


Latest version is 4.1 from 2007


Hope this helps!

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Re: Minimum PDC versions / OS patch bundles for RP7420/8420

Hi Ian,

This page hints at all 11ivX Supported O/S minimums:

Minimum patch level would be the base release version of your installation media, plus any mandatory updates.

There's a table for release versions that may help you answer your questions: