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RP7410 - Insufficient Bulk Power Supplies Installed

Michel Helsdingen
Occasional Advisor

RP7410 - Insufficient Bulk Power Supplies Installed

Dear ITRC members,


One of the BPS on a RP7410 has died on me. Can I get it booting without replacing the BPS? Thanks for you assistance.




Michel Helsdingen
Occasional Advisor

Re: RP7410 - Insufficient Bulk Power Supplies Installed

No hints or tips? Anyone?

Honored Contributor

Re: RP7410 - Insufficient Bulk Power Supplies Installed

The rp7410 User Guide  says:



System firmware will prevent boot when a single power cord configuration is detected.



Each Bulk Power Supply module in a rp7410 can have two power cords. It is possible to use only one power cord per BPS, but I guess this might be detected as a "single power cord configuration" if one BPS has failed in a way that prevents the system from detecting that there is a live power cord connected to the failed BPS.


The power cord configuration is set in the MP Command Menu, using the pwrgrd command.

You might try plugging in all 4 power cords and selecting the power cord configuration option 3: "Grids A & B (Cords A0, A1, B0, B1 required)". This way, there should be two power cords even if one BPS has failed.


The pwrgrd command has options to use a single BPS only (options 1 and 2: Grid A only and Grid B only, respectively), but the User Guide says these are for HP internal use only (for testing, I guess).