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Remote Connectivity

Michael McGinley
Occasional Contributor

Remote Connectivity

We have a connectivity problem that needs attention ASAP. I am not the administrator of this configuration but I have to look into some options.
Remote sites connect to our HP 3000 by way of the following:
Adtran DSU 5600???s connected via point-to-point leased 56K line.
Which then connect to an HP Remote Bridge RB.
The remote sites have DTC???s that run the terminals.
We need more bandwidth to run these remote sites. Having another dedicated line installed will take 60 to 90 days. This is not an option unfortunately. Need something short-term.
Does anyone know how we could use ISDN to connect our remote sites? A recommended topology so we can support these dumb terminals?
Please let me know if I am too vague.
Thanks in advance.
Kevin M Hester
Occasional Advisor

Re: Remote Connectivity

Disclaimer: I have not used this setup. I have worked with remote DTCs on bridged LAN and in separate buildings connected via fiber.

3COM's Remote Office series of ISDN Bridge/Routers (and I am sure other manufacturers) support MAC level bridging. It should be a straight forward setup similar to your 56K line with the Bridge/Router serving as both the DSU and Bridge. Depending on the bridge model (number of ports, etc.) you should be able to attach the DTCs directly. (The AUI ports on the DTC are jumper/switch selectable, allowing you to connect a 10BaseT MAU and connect directly to the bridge.)

Further info on the current line: (sorry if this was in the attachment, I couldn't open it)

How many of what model DTC's are there? Are they tuned for Remote/Heavy traffic?
Are they ThinLAN or Hub connected?
What type of application is running on the terminals (character/block mode)?
Are there/how many remote printers?
What, if any, other LAN activity is coming across that line?