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HP 9000 and HP e3000 Servers
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Server e3000 A500 class

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Server e3000 A500 class

We have an HP e3000 A500 class servers running
under O.S. MPE 7.5 The customer want to connect Reel Tape Drive to the port Narrow Single Ended SCSI .
Can we connect to the e3000 a reel magnetic tape such as 7980s or other type?if yes what
is the interface that we should have on
the supported reel magnetic tape?

Your prompt feedback would be highly apreciated, and thanks in advance.

Best regards


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Kwan Fong, Emile
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Re: Server e3000 A500 class

Hello Said,

7980s/sx is supported on the A500. For details, see MPE/iX 7.5 Communicator, Technical Articles chapter, "SCSI Interface and Device Support for N-Class and A-Class HP e3000".

The manual is available at
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Chuck Ciesinski
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Re: Server e3000 A500 class


Why in the world would you want 7980 technology? Are you locked in? IMHO, you should be thinking
DLT technology at least, if just for capacity reasons. Granted converting to DLT ain't cheap, the benefits in retention storage costs, media reliability outweigh the costs.

My $.04 for inflation,

Chuck Ciesinski

PS. We have a 7980 SX, DDS-2, and two DLTs attached to our 989/650. All for hysterical data recovery from 1993 through today.
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