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HP 9000 and HP e3000 Servers
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Servers attention light blinking

Waqar Razi
Regular Advisor

Servers attention light blinking

Two of the hpux servers have their attention lights blinking. Their configurations are as follows:

model: L1000
OS: HPUX 11.00

model: L3000
OS: HPUX 11.11

I have checked the syslog.log, nothing there is unusual. Can some one give me some direction please!

Re: Servers attention light blinking

You have to log into the service processor and view the logs.

I think you can reach a login prompt by hitting ctrl-B, then there is a login and password, sorry, I don't remember the default, and follow the prompts.

There is more than one thread here, including one of my own.

Re: Servers attention light blinking

Yeah, check this thread.

I see this most often when we have power issues in our data center.
Johnson Punniyalingam
Honored Contributor

Re: Servers attention light blinking

>>>Servers attention light blinking <<

You need login Console (MP Login) and Acknowledge all of the event logs / alerts ,

See below Example :-
CO: Consoles
VFP: Virtual Front Panel (partition status)
CM: Command Menu
CL: Console Logs
SL: Show Event Logs
HE: Help
X: Exit Connection

MP> sl


FPL: Forward Progress Log
SEL: System Event Log
LIVE: Live Events

CLR: Clear FPL and SEL
Q: Quit

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Re: Servers attention light blinking

Johnson Punniyalingam said>>

>>>Servers attention light blinking <<

>You need login Console (MP Login) and Acknowledge all of the event logs / alerts ,

>See below Example :-
>CO: Consoles
>VFP: Virtual Front Panel (partition status)
>CM: Command Menu
>CL: Console Logs
>SL: Show Event Logs
>HE: Help
>X: Exit Connection

>MP> sl

NO, he said these are L-class systems, they don't have an 'MP' menu!

1)Telnet to the GSP port and Login (Admin/Admin or whatever you set it to)
2)Type CNTL-B to get to the GSP prompt.
3)Type SL
4)Select Chassis Code Buffer to be displayed:
Incoming, Activity, Error, Current boot or Last boot? (I/A/E/C/L)

Selecting and reading the Error log will usually clear the attention light, but I suggest you check all of them to check system health.