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VRM Module Replacement

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Occasional Advisor

VRM Module Replacement

Hi All

I had a NPAR with three celboard. There are 8 vpars running on this Npar.

Out of the three cellboard, one the cell board is having vrm module faulty.

I would like to know that for replacement of the vrm module do we need to shutdown the whole NPAR.


Could we only shutdown the vpar running with that faulty cellboard.
Honored Contributor

Re: VRM Module Replacement

Replacing the VRM without shutting down the nPar would require an on-line deactivation of the cell, which is possible only in HP-UX 11.31 Update 1 and above. This would be a Dynamic nPartitions (parolrad) operation.

Here's the Dynamic nPars document:

Unfortunately, on page 9 of that document, it says (emphasis mine):
Dynamic nPartitions, virtual partitions, and Integrity Virtual Machines

HP-UX 11i v3 Virtual Partitions enable dynamic operation through processor and memory migration among vPars. However, _Dynamic nPartitions operations cannot be performed to an nPartition that is
running vPars_.


So, it looks like it's necessary to shutdown the entire nPar, because the vPar monitor cannot (yet?) deal with on-line activation & deactivation of whole cells.

Honored Contributor

Re: VRM Module Replacement

Hi Renu,

Yes indeed replacement of a VRM needs a downtime for the NPAR.

Since vpar is a virtual setup which depends on the Npar shutting down of that vpar does not help you in any ways.

Best Regards,
Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: VRM Module Replacement

hi Renu,

Yes, you will have to shutdown the npar as well. then power off the cell board and replace the vrm nodule.

power back up the cell and boot up the npar/vpars

what system is it, as you will probably get away with not fully powering the system off totally. Just shutdown the os's and the cellboard which has the problem. If you need to patch anything now maybe a good time too.

Occasional Advisor

Re: VRM Module Replacement

Thanks for all who took their effor in replying.

I had assighned the points too.