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HP 9000 and HP e3000 Servers
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Warning: Card in unsupported PCI slot

Kevin Lai KF
Occasional Contributor

Warning: Card in unsupported PCI slot

I had removed a working LVD/SE Dual-Channel SCSI adapter card (model: A5150-60101 ) from an decommissioned N4000 server.
I tried to plug it into a rp3410 server.

I am unable to boot with the following error:

Warning: A fatal error had occurred- system cannot boot.
Review warning messages in the Information menu.

Warning: Card in unsupported PCI slot, 3 or 4, for this system.

Anyone had any information of this kind of problem?

Is it the card really not supported in this newer rp3410 HP9000 servers?
Sharing is Caring...
Honored Contributor

Re: Warning: Card in unsupported PCI slot

The rp3410 uses the same system board as the rp3440, but some parts of it are disabled:
- one CPU socket
- two PCI slots (slot 3 and 4)
- amount of memory restricted to 6 GB

You're trying to use a PCI slot which is not available unless the system is upgraded to rp3440 using a firmware unlock code available from HP.

Install the card in PCI slot 1 or 2 and try again.

Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: Warning: Card in unsupported PCI slot


Matti is correct.

The rp3410 is a cutdown version of the rp3440 and is alot cheaper system to buy.

the downside is you cannot use all the upgrade paths. This is fine for most people who buy them knowing this.

Either move the card to a supported slot, or if they are on ise already you will have to pay to have the upgrade done.