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HP 9000 and HP e3000 Servers
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read/write CD on e3000 systems?

Chris Cruz_1
Occasional Advisor

read/write CD on e3000 systems?

we have a 989 e3000 system. i would like to know if it is possible to install a read/write CD on this kind of system (we're thinking of using CD's as a backup option). if this is possible, do you know the part number for the product?
Fred Metcalf
Trusted Contributor

Re: read/write CD on e3000 systems?

I am not aware of any driver for a R/W CD.

What throughput do you get on FWD DLT 8000's ?
(store ^storein; *dlt; progress; directory; statistics)
On a 979 we get 2782 K/S
On a N4000-100-330 we get 5317 K/S

On a N4000-200-440 we get 2987+3089 K/S
(Dual drives & ;COMPRESS=LOW, COMPRESSED RATIO 1.6:1 - 38%)
Missing MPE :-)
harry d brown jr
Honored Contributor

Re: read/write CD on e3000 systems?

You must have a few hundred hours to spend on backups?

A CD backup is painfully slow. It'd be faster to hire some monks to scribe your data.

Get a DDS4, DLT or LTO to back up your system.

live free or die
Live Free or Die
Marco Suerig

Re: read/write CD on e3000 systems?

I agree that CD backup will be poorly slow but there is no such product available.

DDS4 is not supported on older systems. It is only supported on A-/N-Class PCI systems.
There are no LTO drives for e3000s supported.

For high capacity and fast backups on a 9x9 system use one or more DLT8000s each on a dedicated FWD SCSI bus with hardware compression only, do not use compress option in store command but use maxtapebuf option!
Vincent Farrugia
Honored Contributor

Re: read/write CD on e3000 systems?


Get monks to write your data! :-)

No, seriously, I think the only "supported" backup solutions for your old mpe system is DDS1 or DDS2. I beleive your 989 handled single-ended devices, so they should work. Even DDS3 tape.

Tape Drives RULE!!!
Chuck Ciesinski
Honored Contributor

Re: read/write CD on e3000 systems?


I would recommend using DLT (FW-SCSI) on your 989/xxx box. We use it with HP's TurboStore as our backup product. There are other back-up software pacekages, RoadRunner from ROC Software, HiBars for Hi-Back, and a product from Orbit will
all back-up your system with
compression algorithms.

As with any hardware and software acquisition, make the decision based on your business requirements.

My $.04 for inflation,

Chuck Ciesinski
"Show me the $$$$$"
Chris Cruz_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: read/write CD on e3000 systems?

thanks to all who responded. using a cd as a backup option was just a thought. my manager just wants to know if e3000's can use read/write CDs just like PCs.