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rp4550 server

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rp4550 server

hi can i used at rp5450 with gsp rev a the gsp with rev b or vice versa?

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Re: rp4550 server

I think you are asking if you can interchange Rev A GSP and Rev B GSP's within an rp5450 server?


To answer that; you can, but not without some changes:


First off the main differences between rev A and rev B:

  Rev A:

    - 10 BT LAN connection

    - No http connection

    - Console path: 0/0/4/0


  Rev B:

    - 10/100BT LAN connection

    - http/web connection available

    - Console path: 0/0/4/1


So the first change to note is that the console path will change.  For the rp5450 (L1000 and L2000 models) the default path for console is 0/0/4/0.   While the system output will still be presented to the GSP, an error will occur during power on.  Set the console path to 0/0/4/1 using the COnfiguration menu from the BCH.


If your OS is HP-UX 11.00 for some reason, then there are also patches needed to support rev B.  The document I have states release Sept. 2000 or later is good.





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