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HP 9000 and HP e3000 Servers
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serial number search - Core I/O for RP8400

Jesse Dougherty
Honored Contributor

serial number search - Core I/O for RP8400

does anyone know of a way to identify an HP product through the serial number and not the model or part number? Does HP offer such a service for their 9000 server parts? I have a serial number of a core I/O board for a RP8400
that I want to find out if its a A7109A Reiner core I/O or the older A6096A. I don't have the means of obtaining the part number on the I/O board, just the serial number.

Any help would be appreciated

Shaikh Imran
Honored Contributor

Re: serial number search - Core I/O for RP8400

Have you tried getting the product/model number from the stm..

I don't think you can get the serial number -wise search but if you have model/product numbers you can search for other details

Just try to get deeper in this there you may be able to find the model & product numbers if you only know the deives such as DIMM,Boards,PCI, etc.., and you know the class rp8400..
Try this also:


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Stefan Stechemesser
Honored Contributor

Re: serial number search - Core I/O for RP8400

Hm, if you're lucky, the serial number apears in a contract. Asked your vendor or HP contract representative if the serial number is stored.
If you have access to the system, then the "df" output from the MP CM> menu will show you the part number.
The "sysrev" command shows firmware version >5 for the new MPs.
If you can take a look on the Core I/O from the back, the new Reiner Core I/O has two more LEDs than the old near the console connector (MP_SEL and MP_FAULT).

I hope this helps

Jesse Dougherty
Honored Contributor

Re: serial number search - Core I/O for RP8400

Hi guys, thanks for the feed back but like I mentioned, I don't have access to the I/O board or the system to check the
part number. I bought it from another vendor and it was received here and verified by our tech as a A6096A, the other vendor is insisting that it was a A7109A, I just wanted to see if I could cross reference that serial number through HP to see what it equals as proof as to what boards it is.
Occasional Visitor

Re: serial number search - Core I/O for RP8400

Yeah... a serial number search feature would be fantastic right about now. I just inherited a massive inventory project and I have tons of HP printers with some missing information or questionable information in their UI's. Wish I could just copy/paste on and press the easy button...
Ron Irving
Trusted Contributor

Re: serial number search - Core I/O for RP8400

Hey Jesse!!

From the management processor,


choose specific, and g for core i/o. You will be prompted to enter gsp number, (0 or 1.) That will give you the serial number of the device you're asking about.


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