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CPU upgrade

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Khalid Rasool_1
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CPU upgrade

I have to rp7420 servers and we are planning to upgrade it CPU right now we have two CPU and their speed is 1.1 GHz, now we are looking to upgrade 2 more CPU, My question is that is there any firmware up gradation required to perform this task.
New CPU part number is "AB537-84001" also

MPFW : E.03.15
BMC : 03.51
SYS : 45.44
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Re: CPU upgrade

This does not look like rp7420 firmware.


MP:CM> sysrev

Hope this helps!

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Re: CPU upgrade

To upgrade the CPU's the Firmware does not come into picture.

How ever make sure that the CUP's you are upgrading are compatible for that cell.

Ex: if the present CPU are of montocito/montaval the upgraded once are also of montocito/montaval respectively.

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Re: CPU upgrade

Hi Khalid,

There is no need to upgrade the firmware to add CPU's also looks like the part number mentioned by you is incorrect. You need..


Best Regards,
Andrew Rutter
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Re: CPU upgrade


That evrsion of firmware is for the RP34x0 or RP44x0 systems? like Torsten pointed out

you should not need to update the firmware anyway as you are planning to use the same speed processor, if you where upgarding to a differnt cpu then you may have to update it to support the newer cpu's - not in your case

the part number is also correct for just the cpu - as a spare part number.


A6913-69113 actually comes with AB537- cpu's

but that aside, you need to double check which server you have. You should be able to get this from the model command or through STM