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Firmware upgradation of rp7420

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Md. Minhaz Khan
Super Advisor

Firmware upgradation of rp7420

Dear All

We have a rp7420 system with cell1. Now we want to add a new cell. But new cell firmware version is 4.1 but old cell frimware version is 3.0. Now my query is did we upgrade old cell frimware version to 4.1 OR downgrade new cell firmware version from 4.1 o 3.0(IS it possible)

Ron Irving
Trusted Contributor

Re: Firmware upgradation of rp7420

Hi Minhaz!!!

It's possible to downgrade f/w, but ALWAYS makes more sense to upgrade.

Contact your support vendor. They should have all they need to upgrade you to the newest version.
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sujit kumar singh
Honored Contributor

Re: Firmware upgradation of rp7420


Once you are adding cells to a partitioned server always make sure that both the cells have the same Firmware level.
BUt is always good to have the latest fw on the Cells.

Download the latest FW Bundle Recipe for the rp7420 Hrdware and do upgrade, THis keeps the system carefree and Enhances for the Hogher Level of features.