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HP 9000

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HP 9000

We have at our lab an HP 9000 Model E55 with HP-UX and 40 Text-Based Terminals.
In the next room we have 25 PC's running Windows 98 and networked with a
Windows NT server.
Question #1: Can we connect both labs together and let the students work on the
HP-UX from the PC lab? may be use telnet?
Question #2: IS HP 9000 compatible with Linux? and if yes are there any
advantages from switching from HP-UX to Linux?
Question #3: Is there any other editors than vi that we can use with our
text-base terminals. (something closer to DOS editor?)

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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Re: HP 9000

You can easily use telnet if the two labs are networked or if you want to use X
based resources like CDE you can use something like Reflection X from the
PC's. This works quite well.
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Re: HP 9000

In answer to your questions:

Q1. Can we connect the two labs/areas together?
A. Yes, connect the networks up and configure the 9000 networking, then just
use telnet or Reflections suite of programs for various connectivity methods,
such as Reflections/X for Graphical use.

Q2. Is the 9000 Linux compatible?
A. No.

Q3. Are there any other text editors available?
A. depends on what you are after, but there are many and varied types, from GNU
Emacs, to things like AmiPro (used to be anyway!) You would possibly be better
asking a software house, or posting on the newsgroups such as comp.sys.hp.hpux