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PDCH Firmware

Regular Advisor

PDCH Firmware


Pls anyone guide PDCH Failure in HP-UX Server,

What are steps will follow this Problem.

Pls anyone guide briefly.

Occasional Advisor

Re: PDCH Firmware

need precision to understand your problem.
PDCH firmware is located on an add-on PCA
inclued in the cellboard. You may try a
firmware update, if this don't work you'll
need to change the cell
Respected Contributor

Re: PDCH Firmware

If your system is under a valid support contract, the best way how to follow up on this issue is to log a call with HP support.

sujit kumar singh
Honored Contributor

Re: PDCH Firmware


For the Given server download the FW and with that Firmware the Readme and /or the Release Note of that tells that what are the component Firmwares of that FW Receipe Release.

Also Depending on the model of the Server you shall have the different FW install steps as well as sequences for the same and in detail the FW vwersion of the component FWs and also the combination matrix.

It is always good to follow that REeadme or Release note.

Moresoever , if that is a cell-based system always for the FW upgrade log a case with HP and get an authorised HP Representative to do that FW upgrade. That might require some spare planning also of the components and the Fall-back or Roll-back plan.