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RECALL 100baseT A5838A

Berlene Herren
Honored Contributor

RECALL 100baseT A5838A

performance recall notice

Hewlett-Packard is recalling the A5838A combo dual-port SCSI and dual-port 100Base-T adapter card, the A5838A.
PROBLEM: The A5838A may experience a failure at system reboot or when the card is reset.

PRODUCT: The A5838A adapter is a dual-port SCSI and dual-port 100Base-T adapter which is supported by several HP 9000 PCI-based servers.

SITUATION: The A5838A may experience a hard failure when the system is rebooted or when a card reset occurs. This issue prevents traffic from being transmitted or received through the affected LAN port. The port will remain inactive until the card is replaced. An issue was found with a section of circuitry used on the board. A flip-flop component is now being used on the board to prevent any further possible failures.

SOLUTION: The problem has been corrected. Modified boards have part numbers: A5838-60101 for new part number, and A5838-69101 for exchange part number.

HOW TO FIND OUT IF YOU HAVE PARTS THAT NEED TO BE REPLACED: A5838A boards with part numbers A5838-60001, A5838-69001, or A5838-69002 must be replaced with A5838-69101.

Chuck Ciesinski
Honored Contributor

Re: RECALL 100baseT A5838A


Since several of the newer HP3000 are also PCI based, will this recall also effect those customers?

Chuck ( I refuse the HPe3000) Ciesinski
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