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HP 9000
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boot machine from GSP

Nelson Chamba
Regular Advisor

boot machine from GSP

Hi all,


My server failed to boot but i can access the GPS console how can bring the OS backup to live.


Best regards,

Nelson Chamba\

Acclaimed Contributor

Re: boot machine from GSP

What server model?


Could you please capture the console during boot and post?

Hope this helps!

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Nelson Chamba
Regular Advisor

Re: boot machine from GSP

Hi dear Torsten,


The server model is HP 9000 running HP-UX v11.00



Honored Contributor

Re: boot machine from GSP

HP 9000 is a line of models and not very specific.  You say "GSP" that typically means a model from the A class, L class or N class (also known as rp2400, rp5400, and rp7400 series of models).


Are you at a GSP prompt or just attached to the console?   As previously requested, post what you see on the console (if anything).



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Nelson Chamba
Regular Advisor

Re: boot machine from GSP

Hi Robert,


It´s N4000 and I´m connected to the console. But the problem is solved now, I manager to boot it.


I typed CO and it started booting after certain time.


thanx and regards,


Occasional Visitor

Re: boot machine from GSP

recovery disk is a good way to recover your OS