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HP 9000
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hp rp3440 console issues

HP RX4640
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hp rp3440 console issues

I have two rp3440's that I pruchased I hooked a 700/92 console up to view configuration information etc.

All that I can get to come up on the console at boot is jibberish as if the console is wrong but I know it's not I have used this console on many rp3440's in the past.

I need it to boot to MP but have no clue what is wrong????

I do not have the ability to use putty or network console is my only current option.

Re: hp rp3440 console issues

Hi Jim,
Please check the following Default configuration:

Emulation = HPTerm
Comm mode = character (vs. Block)
Host/Printer = EIA/Para
Baud Rate = 9600
Data Format = 8/1/N.
With these default settings the terminal will function as the system console on all HP9000s and HP3000s.

Reset to defaults:

The factory default is HPTerm emulation. To return to the default settings and reset the terminal, do the following:

· Go to the setup menu. (Hit F10 and the F8).
· Select the Execute function key (Print/Scrn â SysRq).
· Use the arrow keys and select Default Terminal.
· Hit Enter to execute action.
· Exit the setup menu by hitting Esc. The blinking prompt "Save all? (Y/N)" will appear in the
upper right corner of the menu. Press Y to return to the session.
Try also:

[Ctrl] Scroll lock to enter setup menu

If above option fails:

1) power of the console only (700/92)
2) Press Ctrl+D and power on the console
3) Press the Ctrl+D contineously till the console shows Default.

4) Release the Keys and press Return key to check the console status (server status)

Good Luck.


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