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sysrev command

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Tom Wolf_3
Valued Contributor

sysrev command

Hello, we have an old L2000-44 (rp5450) running HP-UX 11.11 that I'm trying to determine the current firmware level on. There isn't a sysrev command at the GSP prompt:

GSP> sysrev

Unrecognized Command : Type HE for help on the available commands

I searched help but couldn't find an equivalent command.

Does anyone out there know how to find the firmware level on this box?

I was able to get the PDC from cstm but nothing else.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Tom Wolf
Shinji Teragaito_1
Respected Contributor

Re: sysrev command


GSP> he


==== GSP Help ============================================(Administrator)===
Hardware Revision 8 Firmware Revision A.01.09 Mar 20 2000,12:45:29

GSP Help System

Hope this helps you,

Honored Contributor

Re: sysrev command

The rp54xx series has a much simpler firmware structure than the newer, bigger servers: there is only the PDC firmware and the GSP firmware, nothing more.

You can see the GSP firmware version listed on the top-most line of the HE command output.

The rp54xx series had two hardware versions of GSPs, indicated by the first letter of the firmware version numbers: it's either A or B. Don't even try to install revision A firmware on a revision B GSP or vice versa.

The older, revision A firmware is a bit hard to find these days. See this thread for links to HP's FTP server:

If you have a revision B GSP, read the firmware installation instructions very carefully: if your current firmware version is very old, you cannot update directly to the latest firmware. You must first update to a certain firmware version (which has a special, two-step procedure, detailed in the notes of that firmware version) and only then to the latest & greatest.

Honored Contributor

Re: sysrev command

Hi Tom,

# pdcinfo

answer y and you'll get a basic tombstone file output. Look at the top line for the system PDC Version:, the latest for your system is 44.28 and can be found here:


patch file:

And as mentioned above, the GSP also has F/W and you need to know which version (A or B) you have:

Hope this helps,