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FAQ(12): Sending an email to the SDM Support Team

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FAQ(12): Sending an email to the SDM Support Team

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How do I send an email with my SDM log to the SDM Support Team?

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Re: FAQ(12): Sending an email to the SDM Support Team

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Select "Help" from the main menu and then "Provide Feedback to HP".  This will send an email accompanied by an SDM log file to the SDM Support Team.


To send an email manually, please follow these simple instructions to send SDM Support an email:

1) With SDM running, press Ctrl-Shift-L to load the SDM log into Windows Notepad.

Note: on certain notebook keyboards, the (fn) key might be needed.

Alternatively, you can locate the log file using this FAQ: http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/HP-SoftPaq-Download-Manager/FAQ-11-Location-of-the-SDM-log-file/td-p/1138733

2) Save the log file to a file name 'sdm.log' in the 'My Documents' directory/folder.

3) Zip the 'sdm.log' file to 'sdm.zip'.

4) Open your email client.

5) Open a new email message.

6) Address it to sdm.support@external.groups.hp.com

7) In the Subject enter 'HP SoftPaq Download Manager - Manual Feedback'.

8) Attach the sdm.zip file.

9) In the Body, please add all pertinent information regarding your feedback, question or problem.

Note: If the body of an email does not contain any feedback, question or problem description, it is likely that no reply other than an auto-reply will be sent.  Please make sure there is text in the email body.


Note: The SDM log file contains information about your computer such as: model, operating system, language, list of software installed, proxy information (if applicable), IP address, computer name, etc.  No personal data such as passwords will be recorded in the log.