11.0 vs 11.11

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Amiel Tutolo
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11.0 vs 11.11

I have seen lots of threads on this but some of the links in these threads don't work so I thought I would try posting this to get a decent answer. We have purchased a new rp5430 (875Mhz). We are migrating from a L3000 (550Mhz). The new server is coming in with 11i installed. I have an Oracle DBA (Oracle 9.0.1) who doesn't want us to install this just yet because we have done no testing with 11 vs 11i. His fears are that in a PRODUCTION enviroment we will run into problems related to the new OS (kernel parameters). My main question is - Is there some insight or whitepaper that anyone can point me to so that I can show differences and where they should or should not effect the database. We do not have time to upgrade another server to 11i and show that everything will be fine so I am trying to do it this way. Thanks for all your help as usual.
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Steven E. Protter
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Re: 11.0 vs 11.11

11i(11.11) is the way to go.

11.00 has limitations on features and is in the later stages of support. I think by the end of 2006 it will be not supported.

For PA-RISC, that leaves 11i your only viable option.

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Sridhar Bhaskarla
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Re: 11.0 vs 11.11


We have many oracle 9i implementations with 11i and have been running just fine. As long as you keep up with HP's patches, then there shouldn't be any problem.

But your DBAs have a valid concern. Testing should be done. Most of the sites do keep a standby server to test the changes that you are going to put into production. If you have such, then you may want to upgrade the OS to 11i and test your application.

You will have to upgrade your OS to 11i anyway soon. Below is the discontinuance letter from HP.


I am not sure if there is any white paper that gives you teh differences between 11i and 11.0. Someone may post if one exists. For me, 11i offers more features like dynamic kernel tuning, better buffer cache management etc., than 11.0.

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Geoff Wild
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Re: 11.0 vs 11.11

I may be wrong, but I believe you can NOT run 11.0 on a rp5430. Though, that may be only true on RP7410's and higher...

11 to 11.11 is not a major change for Oracle - all that is required is for the DBA to re-link the oracle binaries....

There's some docs here:


And this one:



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