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Re: H.A.O. Monitoring and Setup

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H.A.O. Monitoring and Setup

Hi everyone.

I have a question for the masses:

Has anyone here ever had HP install H.A.O. (High Availability Observatory). ?

If you have it installed what I am trying to figure out for my site is how to set it up to generate reports since it does not seem to be doing that at all. I don't know much about this yet but I need to find out very quickly as I am being asked by my mgmt team to get it set up for monitoring. I do not know if I can set it up for that or if I have to call HP to do it for us.

Any pitfalls/successes with this feature from HP would be helpful in this task.

Thanks again as always.

Alex Glennie
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Re: H.A.O. Monitoring and Setup

I sit along side the UK HAO representative but unfortuantly he's at lunch, I've pointed him to this URL and suspect he will reply .... thanks in advance Ian.

However I think since you are in the US you would be wise to get HP involved officially with your HAO setup ideally via your HP account manager or sales representative as HAO is HP s/w and will no doubt need HP involvement to set it up and a certain level of support cover in your contract to cover it.

Ian I'm sure will correct any errors I've made in the above.
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Re: H.A.O. Monitoring and Setup


Thank you for that assist.

I am waiting for my mgr to get in so I can get the IP and password to the HAO workstation here and begin to check it out.

In the meantime I am on a discovery mission to find out as much about it as possible,
i.e pitfalls/successes/etc..

Thanks again alex.
Alex Glennie
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Re: H.A.O. Monitoring and Setup

From HAO FAQ's ... I like search engines ;-)

Will I experience a perform-ance impact on my environment from the HAO?

The installation of the HAO tools, which is performed by your Ac-count Team, will require some time to establish some baseline data regarding your systems. Thereafter, the HAO tools will only check for and transmit the configuration and network changes since the last collection, which results in little or no im-pact to your network. In addition, all of the HAO tools can be con-figured to run at time intervals convenient to your needs and re-quirements.

What elements of my system will be supported by the HAO?

Currently the HAO supports HP disk arrays, routers, hubs, switches and bridges covered by your HP Mission Critical Services contract as well as:
??? HP9000 Enterprise Servers run-ning HP-UX versions 10.20, 11.0 or 11.04 (Virtual Vault OS)
??? HP NetServers and Compaq and Dell PC servers, running Micro-soft Windows NT versions 4.0 or 2000 Server and Advanced Server Network Operating Systems
??? Select software applications. Our first entry is the Broadvision application for e-commerce cus-tomers
MPE systems are currently not covered by the HAO.

Also ...

What are the ???prerequisites??? for receiving the HAO?
You are eligible to receive the HAO if you have a current or new support contract for:
HP Business Continuity Support MCSS)
In addition, you must provide:
??? A dedicated ISDN line
??? Bi-directional e-mail (via internet or ISDN)
??? HP Predictive and other diagnos-tics and networking protocols.

Lastly ...

Where can I find out more in-formation about the HAO security processes and pro-cedures?
HP has placed significant effort into designing a secure HAO so-lution. To communicate the extent of our efforts in this area, HP developed an HAO security profile to provide you with addi-tional information regarding some of the security methods and procedures that have been im-plemented for the HAO. Your HP account team can obtain a copy of this document for you.

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Re: H.A.O. Monitoring and Setup


Thank you for the guidance.

I am still waiting for my boss to gather up the info i need to contact HP on it but this gives me a good idea on what to look for.

Thanks again for the assist. Enjoy the points. U THE MAN.

Robert Wilson_5
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Re: H.A.O. Monitoring and Setup


There are a few things you should know about HAO before you configure it into your environment.
First, HAO is a mature product and is currently being phased out in North America. It is being replaced by a tool called ISEE (Instant Support Enterprise Edition). The main differences between HAO and ISEE are:
HAO is unix based (hp-ux 10.20), It is designed to sit inside your corporate network and collect/monitor systems using unencrypted DCE/RPC; SNMP and ICMP protocols. While HAO can be placed outside your corporate network (in a DMZ), configuring a Firewall to allow HAO to function properly can be challenging. HAO remote access (for North America) is via ISDN or Frame Relay (no VPN option for HAO). HAO uses bi-directional SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) to transport data between the HAO Support Node and HP.
ISEE is a Win2K base tool, it is designed to be placed either directly on your corporate network or in a DMZ. ISEE collects/monitors systems in your environment using encrypted http. Configuring a firewall for ISEE is much easier (than HAO), remote access is provide via a VPN tunnel from HP to the ISEE node (called an "SPOP" Support Point of Presence).
Finally ISEE transports data to/from HP using https. While there is little information about HAO on the HP Web site, there is plenty of Information about ISEE. To help answer some of your questions, I have attached the HAO product brochure