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Re: Latest OS for PA-RISC (GA or beta)

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Steven Buschman_3
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Latest OS for PA-RISC (GA or beta)

Is there anything planned for release in the next year beyond 11i for the RISC systems?
I work for a software developer, and have been asked to upgrade an 11i system to the newest one for some beta testing. I can't find anything documented on what is available, even under a non-disclosure partner agreement.
Any ideas?
Of course, maybe it can't be disclosed here 8-)
Thanks, Steven
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Re: Latest OS for PA-RISC (GA or beta)

Hi, Steven

At this moment HP is working on Itanium OS's

11i v1.5/v1.6

for RISC systems 11i is the latset avaibale with recent patch bundles (Dec 2002)
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Steve Steel
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Re: Latest OS for PA-RISC (GA or beta)




Steve Steel
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Steven E. Protter
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Re: Latest OS for PA-RISC (GA or beta)

As legend has it, the Compaq merger started out with talks to port HP-UX to the Intel platform.

It already runs on Itanium. Perhaps we will see HP-UX for the regular old Intel processor some day.

Only HP really knows and nobody's talking.

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melvyn burnard
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Re: Latest OS for PA-RISC (GA or beta)

11.23 is to my knowledge the planned release for both IPF and PARISC, but do NOT take that as gospel. I also cannot give any timescale.
May I suggest you contact your local HP Office, or if you have one, your account manager. Maybe they can shed a bit more light for you.
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Re: Latest OS for PA-RISC (GA or beta)


I agree with melvyn's posting about 11.23 being the next release but there have been rumor mill's also floating around about the next release being 12.0 for major revision changes that are to be applied.

It also is pretty realistic that HP-UX will soon be available/portable to the intel based systems just like solaris is.


Frank g.
Steven Buschman_3
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Re: Latest OS for PA-RISC (GA or beta)

Thanks to all for the help!
I'll work with our corp. rep.