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Re: Software required to mirror boot disks

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Rui Vilao
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Software required to mirror boot disks


Do I have to purchase Mirror Disk/UX to make a mirror of the boot disks.

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John Palmer
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Re: Software required to mirror boot disks

Yes, if you want a proper mirror copy of your boot disk, you need MirrorDisk/UX.

You don't need it however to have a second bootable disk i.e. a 'point in time' clone of your boot disk which could be used for recovery purposes.

James R. Ferguson
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Re: Software required to mirror boot disks


John's post is correct and makes a good point -- you can still clone a disk for recovery purposes without Mirror disk. HOWEVER, I think the value of the Mirror Disk/UX far outweights its cost. You can use it on any volume group besides the root one, increasing its value to you.

Stefan Farrelly
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Re: Software required to mirror boot disks

To make a mirror of your root disk you can do the methods above (MirrorUX, ignite)
OR you can simply make a dd copy of your system disk to another disk.
However, the only way to keep your mirror copy continuously up-to-date is to use MirrorUX. If you use ignite or dd you will need to make copies frequently in order to keep them up-to-date.
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Re: Software required to mirror boot disks


You must have mirror disk UX on your system before creating mirror copy of your bootable hard drive. But it is only useful when your hard drive goes down due to hardware fault, if your bootable disk goes down due to some software curruption this mirror copy is useless because every thing update on the mirror copy on the same time. If you want to know the method of creating the mirror copy of bootable, Pls let me know.

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Re: Software required to mirror boot disks

The only industry standard methode to mirror boot disk for HPUX is to use "Mirror Disk UX". Mirror Disk UX is an enhancement to standard LVM that allows you to create mirrored logical volumes. To my knowledge that is the only methode that HP recommends. HPUX handles mirroring at logical volumes level and not at disk level. You can create an offline mirror by creating a mirrored volume and then spliting the same. This will help you to recover your boot disk from any online filesystem corruption as well as in case of disaster. Booting the system of the offline mirror copy is bit tricky compared to an online mirror.
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Ken Scharpell
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Re: Software required to mirror boot disks

You want MirrorUX, Product id B2491BA
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