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Trueport and IOLAN+104 with HP-UX11iv1

Eric Chamba
Occasional Contributor

Trueport and IOLAN+104 with HP-UX11iv1

I downloaded Trueport 1.1.0 from www.perle.com, installed and created 4 "serial port" in "full mode" using the provided "addports" script on an hp9000 (rp2470 running HP-UX 11iv1).
Script created files in /dev/ (tpmX, ttysX, ttySX, ttytX for each port), added lines in config.tp file and started the needed process (tpd -trueport -tty /dev/tpmX -port 1000Y -ka 30)for each "port".
I can see the process running using "ps -fe" and check they are listening on the configured ports using lsof.
Then I configured several IOLAN SDS2 accordingly -> all "serial port" (numbered from 0 to 3) work fine !

Now I want to create a "serial port" in coordination with an IOLAN+104. According to Perle website I have to use Trueport in "light mode" with an IOLAN+.
I tried with the provided "addports" script and typed "/etc/trueport/addports -l 4 4".
The script created files in /dev (/dev/tpm4, /dev/ttyS4, /dev/ttys4, /dev/ttyt4) and added a line in config.tp : "tpd -tty /dev/ttyX4 -port 10005 -ka 30".

As far as I can see there is no process running with this command line and no process is listening on the configured port.

I think the problem is the name of the device in config.tp, but I don't know if I have to replace /dev/ttyX4 by one of the four files created in /dev/ or create /dev/ttyX4 (and with which major/minor number ?).

Did anyone ever encounter this problem ?