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Re: VG not activated while booting

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VG not activated while booting

Dear All,

Pls clear my doubt

While booting if a VG is not activated, then system will boot to normal mode or single user mode. Is the fstab entries will prevent booting it normally?

Thx in adv..

Michal Kapalka (mikap)
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Re: VG not activated while booting


check the /etc/lvmrc



Re: VG not activated while booting


This will depend of what kind of server configuration you've got, besides whether you got a LVM issue or not, the server used to be rebooted in a single user mode or lvm mainteance mode after got a problem in activate the root vg at the boot time. If you have the server also as a part of a HPSG cluster, the non root VG, used to be deactivated at the boot time, look at the following HPSG conf file:



In addiction, you can check out the follwing rc config file used to autoactivation by script /sbin/bcheckrc at the boot time:


# To disable automatic volume group activation,
# set AUTO_VG_ACTIVATE to 0.

Ismail Azad
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Re: VG not activated while booting


If your volume group is not activated and u have a cluster configured, u will have add entries into custom_activation_vg if your vg has to be activated. The activation of the VG is def controlled by the variable mentioned by the experts and the system should activate the VG at the time of boot as a default behaviour if a cluster is not configured.

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Patrick Wallek
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Re: VG not activated while booting

To answer your basic question -- If a VG is not activated for some reason, and you have entries for that VG in /etc/fstab, your system **WILL** continue to boot. HOWEVER, if any start scripts depend on mount points from a VG that is not active, then those will fail. Otherwise the system will boot, but you will not have all of your file systems mounted.

If you get into clustering, which the folks above, mention, then there is a slightly different procedure.

Re: VG not activated while booting

Thx Patrick...