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What do you nedd to compile net-snmp in 64-bits?

José Enrique González
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What do you nedd to compile net-snmp in 64-bits?


I have installed an rp3440 with HP-UX 11.11. I downloaded gcc-3.4.3 from Merijn's site and tried to build net-snmp with it. configure and gmake steps seems to be OK, but the most of the gmake test show FAIL. In fact, I could gmake install, but once started snmpd daemon it was imposible to talk to it anyway.

The same source, compiled with gcc-3.4.3 depot from HP-UX Porting and Archive Centre, works really fine. I guess it has something to do with 32/64 bits flags, but I don't know where to change them and, most important, if net-snmp code is supported in 64 bits.

Merijn, if you are reading, thanks for any comment. And so for the rest of people... very much.

Jose Gonzalez
Bill Hassell
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Re: What do you nedd to compile net-snmp in 64-bits?

Is this a program that can benefit from 64bit code? That is, will it's data area grow to more than 3Gbytes? 64bit is neither faster nor better than 32bit code unless massive memory addresses are needed. And for a program to take advantage of massive memory addressing, the actual code may need some changes. Perhaps there is a version of the source code designed for 64bits?

Bill Hassell, sysadmin