Re: rx5670 NPIV support

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rx5670 NPIV support

We have rx5670 ipf servers. I want to try NPIV with them. But the FC adapters I have, are

HP Tachyon XL2 Fibre Channel Mass Storage Adapters

 which i dont think supports NPIV. Can anyone confirm that and if possible suggest any FC cards compatible with this servers that support NPIV?

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Re: rx5670 NPIV support

Have a look at this document:


HP-UX vPars and Integrity VM V6.1 Administrator Guide


Page 53, section 5.2 listed some supported HBAs, though it does say "The supported HBAs include, but are not be limited to:"


The adapters it lists include only 8Gb adapters.  I believe the Tachyon XL2 are only 2 Gb and likely predate any of the NPIV. 


Re: rx5670 NPIV support

At the moment only cards that are supported by fcd driver are supported for NPIV. Tachyon/Tachlite cards supported by 'td' driver are not and will not support NPIV.



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Re: rx5670 NPIV support

the rx5670 is just too old for this - it only supported 1Gb and 2Gb FC PCI and PCI-X cards... none of these old cards are NPIV capable. If you want to experiment with NPIV, you'll need to do it on something that is PCIe capable to get a supported card.

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