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미러에 대해 궁금합니다.

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1) 디스크에 저장 될때 미러된 양쪽 디스크에 동시에 저장이 되는지?

2) 디스크에 저장 될때 한쪽 디스크(master)에 저장 후 미러 구현된

디스크로 미러가 되는지?

위 둘 중 맞는 내용이 없다면, 어떤 순서로 저장 되는지 알려주세요.

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- OS mirror 미러 상태 입니다.

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Should My Mirrored Data Be Written Simultaneously or Sequentially?

You can specify whether your mirror copies are written to disk in either a parallel (simultaneous) or a sequential fashion. A dynamic write policy is also provided.

Parallel writes are more efficient because data is transferred simultaneously to all mirror copies.

Sequential writes, on the other hand, provide for slightly higher data integrity than parallel writes. When you specify sequential writes, the data is written one copy at a time, starting the next copy only when the previous copy is completed.

Parallel writes are the default and are recommended because of the performance loss associated with sequential writes.

Dynamic writes allow the writing of mirror copies to be determined at the time of processing. If the write is synchronous, meaning that file system activity must complete before the process is allowed to continue, parallel writes are used, allowing quicker response time. If the write is asynchronous, meaning that the write does not need to complete immediately, sequential writes are selected.