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부팅이 안돼요...

장비는 A400 장비입니다. 11.11 이 설치되어 있구요.

다음과 같은 메세지 이후 부팅 진행이 되질 않습니다.

alloc_pdc_pages: Relocating PDC from 0xf0f000000 to 0x1fb01000

무엇을 어떻게 조치해야 하나요?

OS 를 재설치하면 될까요?

그럼 부탁드립니다.

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중요한 data가 없다면 OS를 새로 설치하면 되지만 ...

data를 꼭 bakcup 받기를 원하신다면 single mode로의 접근을 시도하여 보시기 바랍니다.



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싱글모드도 위와 같은 메세지 이후 부팅이 되질 않습니다.

어떤 하드웨어 문제일까요?

그럼 어떻게 체크해봐야 하나요?

부팅이 안돼요...

제가 보기에는 hardware적인 문제로는 보여지지 않습니다.

혹시모르니 장비뒤에 있는 전원플러그를 완전히 제거한후 다시 꽂아 보시기 바랍니다.

임시 조언자

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인터넷에서 찾은 자료 인데요.

같은 오류인것 같네요.

Crash at Bootup, after "alloc_pdc_pages: Relocating PDC" msg DocId: UXDNKBRC00003250 Updated: 7/26/00 4:20:53 AM


When booting an N Class or L Class the system repeatedly crashes, here's an

example dialogue:

ISL Booting hpux(;0)/stand/vmunix



6555296 + 826432 + 783608 start 0x211e68

alloc_pdc_pages: Relocating PDC from 0xeff00000 to 0x7fad8000

ALERT LEVEL: 12 Software Failure

SOURCE: 1 = processor

SOURCE DETAIL: 1 = processor general


PROBLEM DETAIL: 0 = no problem detail

Alert level: 3 = system blocked

waiting for operator input

LED state: unexpected reboot: running non-OS code:

A: ack read of this entry - X: disable all future alert messages

anything else skip redisplay the log entry choices:

Whatever you enter at this point - A or X or (anything else), the system crashes again and reboots, returning you to the same point.


At the point of the crash we are running an ioscan and find a problem with a card in either Slot 1 on the left side, or, the card in Slot 1 on the right side of the backplane. It can be a SCSI card, Lan card or FibreChannel card.

Normally the pdc_alloc_pages message is informational when OS is moving 32bit PDC code into 64bit main memory. Here, it's the last message you see before the crash.

If you attempt to boot from the Install CD/DVD, to the Recovery Shell, the server will crash at the very same point, as an ioscan is also performed at that stage of CD/DVD bootup.

A hardware call needs to be logged. We cannot tell if it's the right or left card, so CE should replace one of them, and reboot. If it doesn't crash we found the bad card. If it still crashes the problem lies with the other card.