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오토레이트 질문입니다 급해요

arraydsp 로 해서..

12h 정보를 보면....


read cache disable 로 되있는데요..

Array configuration:

Active Hot Spare Desired = ENABLED

Auto Include = ENABLED

Auto Rebuild = ENABLED

Rebuild Priority = HIGH

Capacity Depletion Threshold = 0%

Write Working Set Interval = 8640 seconds

Language = ENGLISH

Log Full Warning = DISABLED

Volume Set Partitioning = DISABLED

Format Pattern Fill = DISABLED

Subsystem Type ID = 12

LUN Creation Limit = 8

Maximum LUN Creation Limit = 8

Array SCSI configuration:

Controller X SCSI Address = 1

Controller Y SCSI Address = 0

Write Cache = ENABLED

Read Cache = DISABLED -->이부분..

SCSI Parity Checking = ENABLED



Terminator Power = ENABLED

Unit Attention = ENABLED

Disable Remote Reset = ENABLED

Secondary Controller Offline = DISABLED

Very Early Busy = DISABLED

Queue Full Threshold = 1952

Maximum Queue Full Threshold = 1952

Simplified Resiliency Setting = Normal

Single Controller Warning = ENABLED

Lock Write Cache On = TRUE

Disable NVRAM on WCE False = FALSE

Disable NVRAM with One Ctrlr = TRUE

Disable NVRAM on UPS absent = FALSE

Force Unit Access Response = 0

Disable Read Hits = FALSE

Resiliency Threshold = 4

제가 생각 할때는...read cache 부분이 enable 로 되있으면

실제 데이타를 사용할때..속도도 빨라지고..퍼포먼스도

좋아질꺼 같은데....제 생각이 틀린건가요....

원래 이부분이 disable이 맞는건지요?

여튼 빠른 답변좀 부탁드립니다....
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오토레이트 질문입니다 급해요

12H의 default setting중에 read cache는 DISABLED입니다.


Indicates whether the disk array should cache read data.

Note: This field does not represent what is actually

happening. The disk array uses read cache algorithms.

This field is put in place to facilitate some third party

operating systems.

# arraymgr -e on alias_name