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ftpd: pam_authenticate: Authentication failed

이런 메시지가 syslog에 종종 남는데요..

ftp접속 시 인증실패때문에 발생하는 것 같은데 좀 더 자세하게 발생하는 이유를 알고싶네요..

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이 메시지가 발생 하는 이유를 알고자 합니다.

찾아보니 이런내용이 있네요~ 참조하시길..

This is an issue with wu-ftpd, but not with HP-UX's ftpd.

In wu-ftp, passwords starting with '-' have a different meaning. A '-'

as the first letter in the password string signals ftpd to disable

'lreply', which by default is set to true. After that, ftpd

increments the pointer to point to the letter next to '-' before passing

the remainder of the password for authentication processing. This has

the same effect as entering a password without the '-', and results in

a login failure.

This was implemented to avoid problems in some PC ftp clients, which

were unable to handle continuation messages. When a Unix password

starts with '-', wu-ftpd fails to correctly verify the password.

The work-around is to enter two '-'s in the password, instead of one.